We're pleased to announce our keynote speakers for "Rethinking Addiction: Supporting Recovery"! Cortney Lovell + Beck Gee Cohen bring expertise and experience to this event and provide messages of recovery, hope, and support.

Widely regarded as one of the nation’s top leaders in Recovery Coaching, Cortney Lovell is truly a speaker who is a modern messenger for change. Driven by her own personal experience of growth and empowerment, study and dedication to solutions, she is now lifting up the field of peer services to a new level designed to assist communities and individuals in need. 


Cortney is the recent author of, “Recovery: A Coaching Workbook”, a first-ever book published that outlines a unique wellness plan, tools for developing new coping techniques, activities to build self-awareness, and suggestions to support sustained behavioral changes for those in recovery. 

Cortney co-founded Our Wellness Collective and also FindRecoveryCoaches.com to better support others. She currently serves on the Health and Human Services Advisory Committee for Women’s Services and is on the Board of Director’s for Families Together in New York State.

A compelling speaker and trainer, Beck is a master’s level clinician with an undergraduate degree in Sociology specializing in Gender & Sexuality, with a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling – and a proud transgender individual.

He traveled a common path of secrecy and shame as a youth, struggled with identity, and turned to alcohol and drug use at an early age of 13.  Substance use continued for Beck to cope through his Catholic high school years and then early twenties.  Eventually failing college, Beck found a moment of clarity one night in a bar and made a sharp turn in the road towards recovery. 


During the last decade of his recovery process, Beck made the decision to come out as transgender. 

Beck has a dedicated passion for working with the LGBTQ community and has years of experience introducing individuals to pathways of recovery. He recognizes that stigma, which is a prevalent road block for many in seeking help, is even more amplified in this particular population.  Education is a key aspect in Beck’s consulting, training and keynote addresses. He demonstrates how bias, judgement and intolerance by others often complicate the process of recovery. 

Devin Reaves, MSW, CRS is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition in Philadelphia, PA.  He is a person living in recovery since 2007 and speaks from passion and a dedicated study on topics of the current opioid epidemic, recovery supports, harm reduction, medication assisted treatment, racial disparity and other critical topics audiences need to hear today.

He is a tireless community organizer and grassroots advocacy leader. As such, Devin has worked on expansion of access to the lifesaving drug Naloxone, implantation of 911 Good Samaritan policies in his community, and the expansions of youth oriented systems. Devin has appeared in countless interviews and added valued commentary to the critical topic of addiction recovery today.

He wants to build constituencies of consequence that will lead to meaningful public health policy changes around substance use disorders. Devin was the former Executive Director for Life of Purpose New Jersey. He established and operates Brotherly Love House, a recovery residence in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Devin received a Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice with a focus on community and organizational change and has a BA in Human Services from Lynn University. Devin also serves on the Mayors Task to Combat the Opioid Epidemic in Philadelphia and the Camden County Addiction Awareness Task Force.

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